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Baron is a second generation custom upholstery and drapery manufacturer recognized for its museum quality workmanship. Their way of crafting furniture is deeply rooted in the time honored European traditions and techniques known to produce furniture to last lifetimes.

Under the direction of Paul Baron Von Urban and his meticulous (and at times “productively neurotic”) attention to details, Baron has the distinction as one of New York City’s top workrooms.

What makes Baron’s work so important in today’s environment is in how sustainable natural materials and practices have been incorporated into the production without compromise to design, luxury, or quality. Baron has developed a process by which any design can be built in a healthy and environmentally conscious manner. The process allows the designer to create luxurious pieces with no need for aesthetic or environmental compromises.

How Baron defines luxury

Luxury is a state of mind. You just feel it when you are in its presence. It is personal, unique, and by definition “a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself”. Baron’s role is to work with our clients to create “their luxury” using the finest techniques and sustainable materials. It all goes back to the creative process. You can “package” some of the physical processes but, the art is in knowing how to create a luxurious product that addresses the clients’ needs.